Fotos De Denise Milani Desnuda For Spanish Speakers, What Does An Email With The Subject: "fotos De Tu Bebe!!" Mean?

For spanish speakers, what does an email with the subject: "fotos de tu bebe!!" mean? - fotos de denise milani desnuda

I went to my buddy-mail to the status of an order that opened in the position I check your e-mail account, and she saw an e-mail with the subject: "PICTURES OF YOUR BABY! A woman named Mary. I l I opened it and there are 2 photos of a baby that seems shocking to see my friend.


Alexis said...

which means "Pictures of You Baby"

Profuy said...

You know who has children from two previous relationships. Is this another wife and children differently?

Who are you God of love?

JJ said...

It translates as "picture of your son!"

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